Energy Fluids and Minerals

EGI offers Corporate Associate members a competitive advantage in a highly competitive industry with our diverse staff of expert geoscientists, engineering researchers and innovative technical staff.

EGI scientists collaborate with colleagues across academic, industry and government organizations around the world and have conducted research in over 70 countries to discover and improve scientific innovation and applied technologies.

EGI’s Corporate Associate members gain access to over $850 million of regional and thematic research for only a fraction of their investment.


 The combined expertise of EGI scientists collaborating with specialist from industry, governmental agencies, and academia creates a uniquely robust venue to solve questions from the global and basin exploration scales right into the nanoscale environments affecting production. The formation, in-filling, deformation, architecture, and tectonic setting of sedimentary basins have significant bearings on the formation, migration, entrapment, and preservation of hydrocarbons. With the growth of unconventional hydrocarbon resources in tight reservoirs as well as geothermal systems, the importance of fracture analysis has been amplified.

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