Geothermal Research

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For over 30 years, the Geothermal Group at EGI has been engaged in conducting basic and applied geoscientific research for the geothermal, petroleum, and mining industries, government agencies, and international organizations. EGI’s geothermal group can also assist companies in developing and managing both high and low temperature resources through R&D to uncover the causes of particular industry problems. Browse our capabilities, resources, and expertise for details and ways to get involved.

  • More than 30 years experience in the geologic, geophysical, and geochemical assessment of geothermal and mineral resources throughout the world.

  • Development of high-temperature chemical tracers for geothermal and groundwater systems. Our facility houses a fully equipped laboratory for the development of geothermal and groundwater tracers. Most of the chemical tracers currently in use by the geothermal industry have been developed by EGI.

  • Collection and interpretation of electrical, magnetic, and gravity data and the development of software for electrical geophysical methods.

  • Determination and interpretation of hydrothermal alteration and evaluation of the thermal evolution of geothermal reservoirs. Well equipped petrographic, X-ray diffraction, and fluid inclusion laboratories are available on the premises.

  • Evaluation of subsurface permeability in fracture controlled reservoirs and geologic mapping in granitic, volcanic, and sedimentary terrains.

  • EGI’s Geothermal Sample Library of core from across the globe is the world’s largest, and constitutes a tremendous and irreplaceable facility for research and instruction.

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